Grillz, Fashionable Then, Now, And Forever


Grillz have been a part of pop culture since before pop culture was even invented. They have been a symbol of fame and fortune for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Mayan and Egyptian times when aristocrats embezzled their teeth with gold and jade. But that was before they were called ‘grillz’. Grillz made their mark in hip hop culture starting in the early 1980s.

Since then they have been seen on the teeth of your favorite hip hop and pop culture musicians. They have been found shinning bright on the teeth of the most iconic celebrities including Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and countless others. With Nelly’s single “Grillz”, the fashion piece heightened in popularity in the 21st century,

Some stars sport grillz coasting upwards of 100k. But you don’t need to invest your entire life savings, arms, and legs, into one piece of jewelry. You pick up a quality, comfortable grill from Hip Hop Bing at the right price for your budget. You don’t have to exclude yourself from this popular piece of bling bling jewelry. Find custom grillz and grill sets at Hip Hop Bling.

A grill is the perfect accessory to a smile. Don’t just glow with that beautiful grin of yours, shine bright with a gleaming new grill.

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