Travis Scott Buys $25,000 Dollar Grill For Rihanna’s Anti Tour


Opening for R&B and hip hop artist Rihanna is a pretty big deal. In order to rise to the occasion artist Travis Scott is rumored to have bought a 25k grill. The grill is designed by Johnny Dang. It features the colors pink, brown and blue. The 25k grill is composed of real diamonds embedded on every single tooth.

Rihanna’s Anti Tour will perform in cities across North America including San Diego, Austin, and New Orleans. The shows feature raw, emotional performances by Rihanna and Travis Scott. So the 25k grill is sure to be a precious memento in years to come for Travis Scott.

You can find similar ice-out grillz at Hip Hop Bling without the $25,000 dollar price tag. Their collection of grillz includes both classic, custom, and iced-out styles. Celebrate Rihanna’s tour in your own way by picking up your own fresh new grill.

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