Tyga Drops Major Cash On Custom Ben Baller Grill


California hip hop artist Tyga just bought the most expensive grill even made by famous celebrity jeweler Ben Baller. This custom grill is encrusted with 1,400 diamonds, made with 18k carats.

Tyga reportedly dropped 45,000 dollars on this iced out grill.

Ben Baller has made custom grillz for all the big celebrities including Drake, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, and even Mariah Carey. With a history in the hip hop music scene, Ben Baller has used his musical connections to sell high-quality grillz at a minimum price of 25,000 dollars.

Earlier this year in March stylist Ian Connor suggested to Tyga that he should purchase himself a hip hop grill from Ben Baller.

Tyga took it to the next level by purchasing Ben Baller’s most expensive grill that he has ever made.

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