Young Thug Agrees That Chance The Rapper Is A “Slept On Legend”


The BET Awards took place this past Sunday June 26th, and despite the release of Chance the Rapper’s successful new mixtape in 2016, he alluded any nomination during the awards. The lack of recognition had some puzzled.

In an interview with Atlanta rapper Young Thug last Sunday, he was questioned if he considered Chance the Rapper to be a ‘slept on legend’? Young Thug equated Chance to the late pop-icon Prince, saying that, like Prince, he believed Chance the Rapper would die a slept on legend.

Young Thug, along with Kanye West and many other famous hip hop artists were featured on Chance’s 2016 mixtape titled “Coloring Book”

Chance the Rapper has been breaking records with the release of his free-to-stream mixtape “Coloring Book”. However his refusal to join a music label has hurt him when it comes to recognition for his music at awards such as the BET Awards.

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