5 Dallas Police Dead After Shooting During Rally


A peaceful Black Live Matter protest turned deadly in downtown Dallas, Texas last Thursday when an unknown sniper began firing upon police officers who were at the scene to protect the protesters. So far eleven officers have been reported shot, five of which are dead.

On Friday morning, the suspected sniper was cornered while law enforcement tried to negotiate with him. But the negotiations went sour and an exchange of gun fire ensued. Micah X. Johnson, age 25, is the identified suspect.

A bomb robot was used to kill Micah X. Johnson, whose actions were reportedly fueled by the recent two videos of black men being shot by police officers. According to sources there were other suspects involved in the shooting as well—but they have been taken into custody.

Hip hop artist Nicki Minaj Tweeted this morning stating, “May the spirit of Malcolm X be reborn… for such a time as this.”

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