Micro Pave Diamond Silver Earrings Shine Brighter Than Boring Bling


If diamonds are a true baller’s best friend then Micro Pave Diamond Silver Earrings are a baller’s soulmate. For over a hundred years diamond jewelry has been exclusive to the best of the best in high-society. But with advances in jewelry making technology, brilliant diamond jewelry and diamond earrings have become easier to acquire.

Micro Pave Diamond Silver Earrings generally cost less than Hip Hop Earrings made with large stones set in single-stone-prongs. Because a large diamond can cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollar; but smaller diamonds cost significantly less due to high-end jewelry retailers not knowing what to do with them.

Micro Pave Earrings are made by taking all these smaller diamonds and combining them together to make a small pattern of effervescent shine. This technique of jewelry making also gives these earrings an improved brilliance and sparkle that a single stand-along diamond doesn’t possess.

By purchasing Micro Pave Earrings you save money, but still look icy fresh.

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